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  Investment company Scottish Mortgage Biotech Growth Allianz Technology Pacific Horizon JPMorgan China G&I Edinburgh Worldwide Polar Capital Technology HgCapital Trust BlackRock Throgmorton Baillie Gifford Shin Nippon Worldwide Healthcare BlackRock Smaller International Biotechnology AIC sector Global Biotech & Healthcare Technology & Media Asia Pacific China Global Smaller Technology & Media Private Equity UK Smaller Companies Japanese Smaller Biotech & Healthcare UK Smaller Biotech & Healthcare % return Apr 99 to Jan-21 2,249 2,321 1,713 3,348 2,561 958 1,314 2,605 1,490 1,286 2,315 1,311 Total at 31-Jan-21 £2,541,100 £1,901,581 £1,837,161 £1,778,352 £1,767,284 £1,574,323 £1,553,346 £1,552,220 £1,363,990 £1,331,163 £1,311,467 £1,256,713 Kepler Trust Rating Buy it now GB00BLDYK618 GB0000385517 GB0003390720 GB0006667470 GB0003435012 GB00BHSRZC82 GB0004220025 GB00BJ0LT190 GB0008910555 GB00BFXYH242 GB0003385308 GB0006436108 THE 28 INVESTMENT TRUST ISA MILLIONAIRES    One of my favourite pieces of investment trust research is the AIC’s millionaires list; it shows how much you would have had if you had invested your full ISA allowance into the same trust each year since April 1999, and reinvested any dividends you received. Rather than just showing pure total return figures, it’s a better reflection of the way most of us invest, putting away money each year come rain or shine. It’s also a close match for my own investing career; I’d rather hold a trust for at least 10 years, than flick back and forth between styles, so it suits my sloth-like investment strategy. INVESTMENT COMPANY ISA MILLIONAIRES                       2,044 £1,246,089 GB0004559349 DIY Investor Magazine | Apr 2021 26 

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