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UK house prices rose in October: according to the latest Nationwide data, house prices rose by 0.9% on the month. After a couple of quite awful years for primary markets, could 2024 be the year where the IPO makes a comeback? Lyle Schwartz, Evercore’s head of equity capital markets for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, has recently commented that he feels there are “...a lot of really good companies that are just waiting on the sidelines for the current market volatility to settle down,” and went on to say that “Some issuers have decided
to move their target IPO timing into 2024 when hopefully the macro, geopolitics and deal activity will improve.” On a number of levels, let’s hope so.
There may indeed be tough times ahead for the UK but markets
The Chancellor’s Autumn statement (likely the last one before will always be forward looking and whilst sentiment has, in many
the general election) is due on 22 November, what can he areas, been the hostage to pessimism, maybe some ‘green
afford to ‘give away’ to make all our lives feel a little better/easier shoots’ are, perhaps, not too far away.
going into 2024?
Nov 2023
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    For investors, the eternal question remains: ‘are we at the bottom of the market’? UK stocks have priced in a lot of bad news already. If rates do stay relatively flat then that could provide the catalyst needed for investors to come back to the market with renewed confidence.
On a personal level, I’m looking forward to new challenges in 2024, and choose to be glass half full (just).

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