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  Investment company Oryx International Growth Montanaro European Smaller Aberdeen Standard Asia Focus Herald Schroder Asia Pacific JPMorgan Smaller JPMorgan Emerging Markets Standard Life UK Smaller Monks Rights & Issues Aberdeen New Dawn Scottish Oriental Smaller JPMorgan Euro Smaller Invesco Asia JPMorgan US Smaller Source: AIC/Morningstar AIC sector UK Smaller European Smaller Asia Pacific Smaller Global Smaller Asia Pacific UK Smaller Global Emerging Markets UK Smaller Global UK Smaller Asia Pacific Asia Pacific Smaller European Smaller Asia Pacific N. American Smaller % return Apr 99 to Jan-21 988 1,111 3,123 970 1,531 1,327 1,608 693 909 1,549 1,983 2,839 1,687 1,045 1,216 Total at 31-Jan-21 £1,243,074 £1,208,138 £1,198,211 £1,136,097 £1,113,545 £1,110,979 £1,104,132 £1,101,928 £1,071,649 £1,051,067 £1,049,646 £1,043,496 £1,040,997 £1,027,966 £1,009,865 Kepler Trust Rating Buy it now GG00B3BTVQ94 GB0004543517 GB0000100767 GB0004228648 GB0007918872 GB00BF7L8P11 GB00B5ZZY915 GB0002959582 GB0030517261 GB0007392078 GB00BBM56V29 GB0007836132 GB00BMTS0Z37 GB0004535307 GB00BJL5F346                   The list comes with this very sensible warning: it’s fun to dream of becoming an ISA millionaire and have that ‘what if’ moment, but it’s important to have a diversified portfolio that suits your long-term needs. WHAT IF INDEED It’s easy to gawp at big numbers like this as Finumus warns in his recent Monevator post on ISA millionaires. My own ‘what if’ moment is that I owned four of these trusts in the late 90s/early 00s but sold out to invest elsewhere (Pacific Horizon, Polar Capital Tech, Worldwide Healthcare, and Schroder Asia Pacific); I suspect I would have built up my small positions had I kept them. To be fair to my younger impulsive self, I also sold half a dozen other trusts which didn’t do nearly as well and didn’t make the list. PUTTING THE NUMBERS IN CONTEXT Had you invested your full allowance since 1999 - a hardly insignificant £246,560 - these trusts would have at least quadrupled your contributions. Remember, many trusts haven’t been around long enough to be included; according to the AIC only 110 of the 392 on its database have been around since April 1999. All alternative asset trusts and most VC and private equity trusts are missing. 27 DIY Investor Magazine | Apr 2021 

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