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MS: Sure. The notion of kind of thinking long term, yet also being really cognizant of the short term. And it really boils down to risk-reward; what is the risk-reward of a particular company, relative to their longer-term growth rate? Look, we manage it
like a lot of people do. We very, very much think about position size, we think about when things seem too exuberant potentially, trimming that position. But it’s active risk management, and
a core tenet to how we run the portfolio. I will tell you with secular ideas, I’m probably going to err on the side of owning, versus not owning, given that in my career, I’ve just seen the secular themes play out really long and over many more years than investors typically realise. So, it’s ideas, it’s identifying
the companies and who we think are the winners, and going through our process and making sure we have exposure to those winners in some capacity.
CR: So just to wrap up, on balance, do you think this is an opportunity or a threat?
MS: I think on balance this is an opportunity. If you roll the
clock back 70 years, there were huge pools of people typing
in corporations, right? And those typing pools were replaced
as the electric typewriter came of age. And everyone thought there’d be job loss, etc, etc. What you want, as the world progresses, is people using the best technologies to do their jobs in the most effective manner. Now, there may be some
job loss, if your job is a very rudimentary one, where you just kind of go through the same task day in day out. But for a lot of people, I think artificial intelligence is probably an enhancement, to the job opportunity for the average kind of knowledge
worker. So, yeah, look, I don’t think you can stop the progress
of technology. There could be some job loss near term, but I think over time, it probably is more about job creation versus job loss. I will also caveat - it’s early days - I think that there’s a lot
of learning to be done. But I don’t think we’re going to stop the wheels of progress. As people look at this technology, it’s such a key enabler to their businesses.
CR: Great. Okay, we’ll wrap up there. If you have any questions on the subjects we’ve discussed today or anything about the Trust, please do go to the website - or contact one of the sales team.
So, thank you, Mike, for those insights today. And thank you all for listening.
Lead portfolio manager Mike Seidenberg shares his thoughts on the second quarter of 2023, the rally in some tech stocks and performance drivers, and whether that narrow rally might widen out.
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