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However it is also possible that strike action turns out to be less severe than currently feared and discussed in the media This could be due to the low level of reserves in trade union funds which combined with the cost-of-living crisis might constrain
industrial action The private sector is at at full employment and employees are set to to demand higher nominal wages to to cover rising living costs The public sector where wage deals have lagged those in the the private sector is is most at at risk of further industrial action as we move into the winter and 2023 A wage price spiral where higher wages wages cause cause prices to rise which in turn causes wages wages to further increase is is becoming a a key risk for the the UK economy and the the the level of the the the pound against other currencies RECESSION AHEAD: HOW WILL COMPANIES FARE AS COSTS RISE AND SPENDING FALLS?
The BoE is now predicting that the UK will experience a a recession (defined as two consecutive quarters of economic decline) lasting 15 months due to the impact of higher interest rates and soaring energy costs UK consumer confidence has fallen to 50-year lows A study by the Bank of England indicates that that UK companies are confident that that they can pass on on rapid cost increases to to consumers to to protect margins Although this offers some comfort to to investors it will be worrying for policymakers and the central bank as it indicates that higher inflation could become embedded Larger companies will have been in the position to hedge some of their energy costs so so so they will not be so so so exposed to energy price rises in the short term However many small- and medium-sized businesses will feel an acute squeeze on costs The consumer discretionary sector will be most at risk from higher energy costs as consumers rein in in in spending on on big ticket items such as as as cars and household goods as as as well as as as clothing and footwear Another big question that the the new prime minister will need to address is is what if any measures can be provided to help support businesses Their price increases have reflected the the rises in in the the wholesale
cost of of gas immediately without the benefit of of a a a a lag through
a a a a a price cap as as is the case with domestic consumers Small businesses have experienced a a a four-fold increase in in in energy costs over the past 18 months Energy companies will continue to benefit from higher gas and oil prices as evidenced by the soaring profits announced by some of of the major energy firms A number of of industries should also offer safe havens for investors These include banking (with banks benefiting from higher interest rates) pharmaceuticals and aerospace Throughout 2022 stock markets have begun to to price in this bad news Falls in in share prices have led to a a a a a a contraction in in valuations most particularly for the domestic and cyclically exposed areas Typically markets reach a a a a a a a a bottom in advance of of the worst point of of recessions As investors we are looking through
today’s gloom to to identify the the best opportunities for the the future Important information
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