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      JL: How is this affecting the portfolio or investment thesis, particularly given the focus on growth?
CS: Yes, excellent question. It has had kind of a dual effect. One is a very technical one, and it impacted the broader market simply with rising interest rates and a rising risk premium on the back of the war in Ukraine. The discount rate for future cash flows – if you value any assets, you discount future cash flows – was going up simply in Q1 and Q2, one on inflation, secondly, on the risk premium going up. Now, that simply means that future cash flows are worth less today, and asset prices are falling.
And that’s what we’ve seen. Equity markets came off significantly. The second effect is on the inner workings of single companies and how it affects their balance sheet and P&L and cash flow statement. And it had clearly given different effects. Energy companies, some utilities, had super strong gains in
this period as they are dependent on the energy price, and rising prices led to some significant extra profits. For most other companies, though, it was an increase in input costs. And it was dependent then, on how much a company was able to raise prices and roll prices through to its customers in order to protect the P&L and balance sheet.
Now we at Brunner have a very firm view on quality growth investments. We have a dual goal of paying an ever-rising income stream to our shareholders, but also to generate over time, capital growth as well. And, as such, highly profitable companies with a bit of growth: this is what we were looking for.
The quality angle gave us some support, given that our companies are typically able to roll through prices given that they have pricing power – they operate in good industries with not too much competition. And so, The Brunner Investment Trust wasn’t as terribly affected as many super growth strategies have been in this period of time, or very cyclical companies have been that are strapped for cash. Even in normal times those get into trouble if interest rates rise and they can’t roll through prices.
JL: On that note let’s bring this edition of Connected Investor to a close; thank you for listening and thank you to Christian Schneider, and make sure you subscribe, so you don’t miss an episode. To find out more about Brunner, please go to www.
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