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Due to our increased understanding of global environmental challenges, we believe that our team is now in a better position than ever to capture the tailwinds behind the clean economic transition. We have expertise across sectors and along value chains and we seek to identify the thematic winners and losers likely most to affect the portfolio. This is how we can add value as active managers.
Identifying catalysts is a powerful tool to enhance returns and find the pockets where progress is most likely to accelerate. Time and time again a catalyst has been the convergence of environmental and health-related risk (the ozone layer and skin cancer being an example). Catalysts often come from technology. As in nature, change leads to change, unlocking cascading effects.
Looking ahead, where else might we see catalysts converge? We see agriculture as a key domain, largely untouched by environmental solutions, and yet hugely affected by the risks it contributes to so significantly.
We believe in the importance of seeking companies that can execute above their peers and protect their competitive advantage and so benefit from ongoing megatrends. This is why we hold company leadership to a high standard. It is also why we focus on identifying the technology winners. Finally, we understand the supporting legislation and regulation.
We are more convinced than ever that environmental solutions will be among the leading mega-themes of the foreseeable future, and a source of long-term, above- market capital growth.
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Aug 2023
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