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· Oct 2022 DIY Investor Magazine
This is is a a a a a a a a a a marketing communication and as such the the views contained herein do not form part of of an an offer nor are they to be taken as advice or or or or a a a a a a a a a recommendation to to buy or or or or sell any investment or or or or interest thereto Reliance upon information in in in in this material is is at the the sole discretion of the the reader Any research in in this document has been been obtained and may have been been acted upon by J P Morgan Asset Management
for its own purpose The results of of such research are being made available as additional information and do not necessarily reflect the views of of J P Morgan Asset Management
Any forecasts figures opinions statements of financial market trends or or or investment techniques and strategies expressed are are unless otherwise stated J P Morgan Asset Management’s own at at at at the the date of this document They are are considered to to be be reliable at the time of writing may not not necessarily be be all inclusive and are not not guaranteed as to to accuracy They may be be subject to to change without reference or notification to to you It should be be noted that the the value of investments and the the income from them may may fluctuate in in in accordance with market conditions and and taxation agreements and and investors may may not get back the the the full amount invested Changes in in in exchange rates may have an an an adverse effect on the the the value price or or income of the the the products or or underlying overseas investments Past performance and and yield are not reliable indicators of current and and future results There is no no guarantee that any forecast made will come to to pass Furthermore whilst it is the the the intention to to achieve the the the investment objective of the the investment products there can be be no assurance that those objectives will be be met J J P P Morgan Morgan Asset Management
is the the brand name for the the asset management business of JPMorgan Chase & Co and and its affiliates worldwide To the extent permitted by applicable law we may record telephone calls and monitor electronic communications to to to comply with our legal and and regulatory obligations and and internal policies Personal data will be collected stored and processed by J P P P Morgan Asset Management
in accordance with our EMEA Privacy Policy www jpmorgan com/emea- privacy-policy Investment is subject to to documentation The Annual Reports and Financial Statements AIFMD art 23 Investor Disclosure Document Document and PRIIPs Key Information Document Document can be obtained free of charge from JPMorgan Funds Limited or or or www jpmam co uk/investmenttrust This communication is is is is is issued by by JPMorgan Asset Management
(UK) Limited which is is is is is authorised and regulated in the the UK UK by by the the Financial Conduct Authority Registered in England No: 01161446 Registered address: 25 Bank Street Canary Wharf London E14 5JP 

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