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In February when markets were severely dented by the start of of the the war in in in Ukraine net gearing stood at 6 5% At the the end of of July the equivalent figure was 4 3% In this regard the trust’s long-term track record still holds water 17
Over the decade up until 22/08/2022 ATST delivered
annualised returns of just over 12 6% There are no
guarantees that will continue into the future but it it is a a a a positive
for shareholders and prospective investors to to take note of ATST has delivered
when the going was good and protected shareholders when markets performed poorly There isn’t much more one can hope for when making an an · Oct 2022 DIY Investor Magazine
investment You’d expect these sorts of figures to exacerbate losses given
the the wider market conditions And yet the the trust has still managed
The team behind Alliance Trust recently joined us us for to deliver relative outperformance Again this would suggest
an an an online Q&A session see the slides and presentation the the approach to diversification that the the trust takes has paid off here >
But it’s also worth highlighting that the trust is not a a a one trick
See the latest research note on Alliance Trust here >
pony Disclaimer
Disclosure – Non-Independent Marketing Communication This is is is is is a a a a a a non-independent marketing communication commissioned by Alliance Trust The report has not been prepared in accordance with legal requirements designed to promote the independence of of of investment research and is is not subject to any prohibition on on on the the dealing ahead of of of the the dissemination of of of investment research Clearly the the managers’ preservation of capital over the the last 12 months has been positive
but investors will want the trust to produce returns when the market isn’t experiencing wild swings as well Click to visit:

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