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  This section is dedicated to the FIRE Lifestyle Movement
    Financial Independence and Early Retirement
Do bookmark the above video link. It is a guided meditation for when the Stock Market will crash, by JL Colins.
As you may know, this blog is mainly about wealth-creation and not so much FIRE-centric.
Since the beginning I have had some doubts about the movement, even though most of its principles are sound.
Some of my observations are shared by Our Next Life claiming it’s time to retire FIRE.
FIRE is often a team ‘game’. And this can have lots of implications. The Indeedably shares his thoughts.
When building wealth the first million is just a start. And it can get tough to switch careers in your 40s if you haven’t planned for it.
It may help to start diversifiying early, for example venturing into Real Estate, writes BoF.
Good Luck & keep’em* rolling! (* Wheels & Dividends)
 DIY Investor Magazine | Sept 2021 46

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