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SEVEN OUTSTANDING FUNDS OVER THE PAST THREE YEARS Saltydog runs its latest quarterly report that looks for consistent performers.    In May 2019, we ran our first ‘6 x 6’ report. We usually focus on the short term, from one week up to six months, but on this occasion we modified our algorithms to look at the performance of funds in a different way that is more long term. For our 6 x 6 report, we went searching for funds that had regularly achieved a 5% gain in consecutive six-month periods over the last three years. The first time we ran the report there were a small number of funds that had managed to achieve this for all six periods, and nearly 40 that had missed out only once. The list consisted of many familiar funds that featured regularly in our normal Saltydog analysis, and they were predominantly from the Technology, Global, and North American sectors. Since then, we have been updating the report every three months. In August this year, there were eight funds that had managed to beat our 5% target return in each six-month period over the last three years, and in our latest report there are seven.   At the top of the list is a fund that was not in August’s shortlist, the Aegon Global Sustainable Equity fund from the Global sector, which has gone up by 140% in three years. Next is the Sanlam Artificial Intelligence fund, which used to be called the Smith & Williamson Artificial Intelligence fund. This is the only fund that has gone up by 5% or more in every six- month period over the last four years. It was in August’s shortlist, as was Fidelity Global Technology and L&G Global Technology Index. At the bottom of the table is a fund that has not been in the list before. Royal London Sustainable World is from the Mixed Investment 40-85% hares sector and regularly features in our demonstration portfolios. It is currently our largest holding, so we hope this run of form continues. THIS FUND IS BACK ON TRACK, SO WE ARE BUYING Saltydog has upped exposure to an existing holding that’s returned to form in recent weeks. Last month, the best- performing equity-based sector was North America, which went up by 3.7%. A couple of weeks ago our demonstration portfolios invested in the UBS US Growth fund, and we added to it last week.  DIY Investor Magazine · Nov 2021 44 

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