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     The cost is a fund charge of 1.05% plus £1 per month for using the platform.
Plum currently does not show full details about exactly WHAT is included in these funds, but of the ones they do cite, the breakdown is as follows:
• 4.47% NMC Health PLC
• 3.91% is in Fevertree Drinks PLC
• 3.59% Bellway PLC
• 3.22% Prudential PLC
• 2.94% Howden Joinery Group PLC
The remaining 81.87% is in ‘other’; when I enquired about this, I was told that it would eventually become available, but because they are still in the early phases of this technology, they don’t have everything up and running fully just yet.
So Will Ethical Investing Encourage More Women? Time will tell I think. There is still a gap of knowledge that needs filling first.
Women need to know WHY investing is such an important concept for everyone to learn to secure their retirements.
Even if they never put together their own portfolios, at least finding out what questions to ask of where their money is going (like in their pension for example), the better it will be for them financially.
In my opinion, the more diverse voices there are out there talking about investing the better.
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 41 DIY Investor Magazine | Dec 2018

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