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    Billionaire coalition creates trillion-dollar Manhattan Project for energy
In 2023, tech billionaires, impatient with the lack progress in the energy transition will team up and create a consortium code- named Third Stone, raising a trillion dollars to invest in energy solutions.
It will be the largest R&D effort since the Manhattan Project developed the first atomic bomb. It will realise the potential of current and ground-breaking new technologies and deliver baseload, the Achilles’ heel of current alternative energy solutions.
Market impact: companies that partner with Third Stone and can help realise its vision, soar in value in an otherwise weak investment environment.
French President Macron resigns
In June 2022 Emmanuel Macron’s party lost their majority in Parliament and passed major laws under pressure from the left-wing alliance NUPES and Marine Le Pen’s far-right National Rally.
Recognising that bypassing lawmakers cannot be a way to govern in a democracy, he decides to resign in early 2023. Macron’s resignation opens the door to the far-right Le Pen, causing a wave of stupefaction throughout France, and setting up the latest existential challenge to the EU project and its shaky institutional foundations.
Gold rockets to USD 3,000 as central banks fail on inflation mandate
In 2023, gold finally finds its footing after a challenging 2022 when it failed to rally even as inflation surged to a 40-year high. With the arrival of spring, China pivots more fully away from its zero-COVID policy, and Chinese demand drives a profound surge in commodity prices, sending inflation soaring, and under-owned gold rips higher.
Foundation of the EU Armed Forces
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the 2022 US midterm elections saw a strong surge in right-wing representation in Congress with Trump declaring his candidacy in 2024.
In 2023 Europe needs to get its defensive posture in order;
in a dramatic move, all EU members move to establish the
EU Armed Forces before 2028, funded with EUR 10 trillion in spending, backloaded over 20 years. EU Armed Forces bonds are issued, based on each member country’s GDP; this drives a strong recovery in the euro.
A country agrees to ban all meat production by 2030
To meet the target of net-zero emissions by 2050, meat consumption must be reduced to 24 kg per person per year, from the current OECD average of 70 kg.
At least one country looking to front-run in marking out its lead in the race for most aggressive climate policy, will move to ban all domestically produced live animal-sourced meat entirely by 2030.
UK holds UnBrexit referendum
Sunak and Hunt take Tory popularity ratings to unheard-of lows as the UK enters a crushing recession, with unemployment soaring and, deficits soaring as tax revenues dry up.
Public demonstrations demand that Sunak calls a snap election, who then resigns.
A Labour government takes power in Q3, promising an UnBrexit referendum for November 1, 2023. The ReJoin vote wins.
Market impact: after a weak performance in early 2023, GBP recovers 10% versus the EUR on the anticipated boost to the London financial services sector.
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