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  What’s needed is something that builds back from the hypothetical/fantasy to the real/tangible, converting Robux into your Junior ISA let’s say...
Maybe the solution is to be found by linking concepts to the biggest challenge any of us has ever faced, namely climate change (however tempting it is to deny something as mind- blowingly appalling or see it as happening sometime never in the future)?
So many young people are tuning into the climate change movement, motivated by the remarkable work of people like Greta Thunberg.
If there was such a thing as green pounds or eco rewards to save/invest that could be proven to replant forests or reduce carbon emissions then that might help to get people fully on board.
At the very least we need to give proper advocacy to young people in this space, involve them properly in the development of solutions that they will actually use (rather than being told
by banks/software providers: it’s how it’s always been done, you need to adapt to what we in our ancient wisdom provide), and make it affordable so they don’t need to choose between subscribing to it and that those new Sony headphones (with the built-in hearing aids).
Whatever we do, we have to surely couch it in language more engaging than that proffered by the good people at Money and Pensions Service in their recent schools initiative:
‘This week we’re working to turn talking about money from one of the UK’s least favourite topics into something that becomes as natural and familiar as talking about the weather.’ Whoa, guys, steady, you’re so home with the downies...
Dec 2022
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