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    The Smart Spaces platform collects the sensors data to offer round-the-clock monitoring of the most common dangerous compounds present in a work environment, as well as gives control of the ventilation system to optimise flow rates. Smart Spaces can also interface with air purification technology to give assurance that dangerous particles have been removed from the environment. ENHANCED COMMUNICATION AND ENGAGEMENT The lack of social interaction and sense of belonging to a community are two of the most common denominators in recent employees’ surveys regarding their decision to return to the office, when the Government will advise it is safe to do so. As social creatures, people have need for in-person interaction and to create a sense of connection, something lacking when working from home. Now more than ever, it is essential for a business to help create an active and engaged work community and to keep the communication with employees constantly flowing. Technology can become a bridge to create meaningful human connection and foster community engagement. The Smart Spaces app promotes improved work-life balance as it helps property managers build real-time, multi-way communication with tenants and their employees by delivering people-centric connection and social interaction. A social wall to keep everyone appraised and engaged, bespoke social events and access to local amenities within the building and the surrounding area are only some of the features helping actively build a workplace community of interconnected people, even when working remotely. The app makes workplaces interactive, innovative and inspiring places people want to go back to and linger. Property managers also benefit from this effective communication tool as well as it provides a direct channel with tenants, to keep them informed at all times regarding the latest procedures and safety standards. The way we work has changed. Companies need to build agile, healthy and sustainable workspaces in order to succeed. Landlords must evolve along with them, by giving their customers the safe and flexible environment they need to work in better, smarter ways. CLICK TO VISIT    49 DIY Investor Magazine | Apr 2021 

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