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Built to stand the test of time FIDELITY EUROPEAN TRUST PLC 31
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· Oct 2022 This investment trust is is built on companies with well-formed long-standing foundations Europe is home to some of the strongest most stable and resilient companies These global household names are famed for standing the test of of time even through periods of of economic uncertainty Using Fidelity’s extensive research team portfolio manager Sam Morse aims to select well-established European companies with proven business models attractive valuations and the ability to grow dividends both now and in the the future It’s these classic giants with market-beating potential that have helped the investment trust outperform the the index over the the long term The value of investments can go down as as well as as up and you may not get back the amount you invested Overseas investments are subject to currency fluctuations This trust uses financial derivative instruments for investment purposes which may expose the fund to a a a a a higher degree of risk and can cause investments to experience larger than average price fluctuations To find out more scan the QR code visit fidelity co uk/europe or speak to your adviser 2021 EUROPEAN EQUITY – ACTIVE
Net Asset Value Share Price
FTSE World Europe ex-UK Total Return Index
Feb 17– Feb 18
16 2% 20 5%
12 7%
Feb 18– Feb 19 2 4% 2 8%
-3 3%
Feb 19– Feb 20 10 8%
11 6%
6 5%
Feb 20– Feb 21 11 3%
13 9%
14 4% Feb 21– Feb 22 15 7%
15 9%
8 9%
Past performance is not a a a a a reliable indicator of future returns Source: Morningstar as at 28 02 02 2022 bid-bid net income reinvested ©2022 Morningstar Inc All rights reserved The FTSE World Europe ex-UK Total Return Index
is a a a comparative index of the investment trust The The latest annual reports key information document (KID) and factsheets can be be obtained from our website at at at www fidelity co uk/its or or or by calling 0800 41 41 41 41 10 The The full prospectus may also be be obtained from Fidelity Fidelity The Alternative Investment Investment Investment Fund Manager (AIFM) of Fidelity Fidelity Investment Investment Investment Trusts is is FIL Investment Investment Investment Services Services (UK) Limited Limited Issued by Financial Administration Services Services Limited Limited authorised and and regulated by the the Financial Conduct Authority Fidelity Fidelity Fidelity Fidelity Fidelity Fidelity International International the the Fidelity Fidelity Fidelity International International logo and and F F F F F F symbol are trademarks of FIL Limited UKM0322/370536/SSO/0622

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